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Industrial Anti-slip Staircovers

Hardwearing and reliable GRP covers for virtually any industry or location. Ideal for offshore and marine application or for heavy traffic areas in both private or public sectors.

  • 30 year design life
  • easy to install
  • can be used immediately
  • weather and UV resistant
  • corrosion proof
  • chemical resistant
Industrial staircovers Industrial staircovers
Industrial staircovers
Industrial staircovers
Dramatically improves safety on problem steps

Industrial staircovers

Slippery granite steps
Slippery granite steps

A range of pre-engineered, pre-formed anti-slip stair covers designed to fit onto existing or new steps. 

Quick, simple and easy to install with minimal "down-time".  Can usually be used immediately

Diamond-hard, sharp anti-slip surface virtually eliminates slip hazards and is extremely long lasting.  Available in a variety of grades suitable for most applications, and in a choice of colours

Antislip staircovers
Safe and secure with antislip covers

Covers can be supplied in large non-regular shapes to fit unusual stairways, or to fit intermediate stairway landings.

Widths up to 3 metres!

Special pre-formed "nosing" profile ensures that anti-slip is where it is needed most - on the step edge.

Antislip Staircovers


Anti-slip Staircovers
This feature also re-profiles worn, chipped or damaged steps and highlights the step edge, thus improving safety benefit. Staircovers will suit virtually any step materials, such as open grating, chequerplate, steel, wood, concrete, stone.

The stairway shown to the left is an internal access route in a busy food factory.  Old and worn traditional "nosings" and vinyl tiling made this an extremely slippery and hazardous safety problem.

With minimal preparation the above stairway was fitted with our anti-slip staircovers, providing completely safe and secure footing.

Antislip staircovers
Antislip staircovers
Note the use of white edging to enhance the step definition.  The whole installation was sealed with food grade sealant.

How to measure your Anti-Slip Stair Covers

Staircovers are designed to simply fit onto existing steps.  They will instantly re-profile worn or damaged step edges, and can be bolted, bonded, screwed, riveted using proprietary fasteners and/or suitable adhesives.
antislip staircovers
Step 1 - To determine size of staircover required, simply measure the length of step (left to right), the depth (front to back) and the downstand "return" at the front of the step.

Note!  Unless full length is required for asthetic appearance, it is normal to leave up to 100mm (4") at each side of the step.

Step 2 - Choose grade required - offshore (XHD), heavy duty, industrial or pedestrian

Step 3 - Select colour required: Safety Yellow or Black. Other colours to order. An optional painted "nose" can be provided to highlight the step edges.